Language Down the Garden Path appeared in Paperback edition!

A Paperpack Edition of Language Down the Garden Path. The Cognitive and Biological Basis for Linguistic Structures, published by Oxford University Press and edited by Montserrat Sanz, Itziar Laka and Michael Tanenhaus is available since January of 2015. The book has been recommended as an excellent collection of leading scientists' views on the latest 40+ years of Psycholinguistics, since the famous "The horse raced past the barn fell" example by Thomas Bever gave way to a whole new field of research, that of garden path sentences and the interaction between syntax an semantics in processing. Contributors include the very same Thomas Bever, and then, by alphabetical order, Gerry Altmann, Robert Berwick, Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Manuel Carreiras, Alessandro D'Ausilio, Gary s. Dell, Brian W. Dillon, Ewan Dunbar, Lisbeth Dyer, Luciano Fadiga, Evelina Fedorenko, Janet Dean Fodor, Edward Gibson, Yosef Grodzinsky, William J. Idsardi, Audrey K. Kittredge, Chien-Jer Charles Lin, Simona Mancini, Maryellen MacDonald, Brian McElree, Jacques Mehler, Nicola Molinaro, Colin Phillips, Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, Montserrat Sanz, Mathias Schlesewsky, Edward Stabler, Michael K. Tanenhaus, Hal Tily, David J. Townsend and Virginia Valian. The editors, Montserrat Sanz, Itziar Laka and Michael K. Tanenhaus, write a state of the field together with directions to use the book as a textbook in undergraduate or graduate courses that makes this volume, not only a complete reference book, but a useful textbook for classes. 

The price of the paperback is much much cheaper than the hardback edition, so now it is available to everybody. Please order the book and enjoy a new understanding of the field of language processing.



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