The Virtual Linguistics Campus (this is a link with lots of short talks on different topics related to Linguistics. An excellent source for students and teachers).

The following are videos that are available in Youtube. If you click in one of them, you will find many other related ones. We do not list all of the ones that we consider interesting here. Just a sample.

Anatomy and Functional Areas of the brain. [Video, 2:05, very simple and easy to understand]

Linguistics as a window to understanding the brain  [Video, Steven Pinker, 50 minutes]

Cognition and awareness [Video, 9:10]

David Poeppel. “Lenguaje y Cerebro” [Video. In Spanish.]

Epstein and Seely. “Anatomy of Chomsky’s Biolinguistic Minimalist Hypothesis” [Video]

Human Language Sentences - Basic Parse Trees, X-Bar Theory & Ambiguity [Video]

Itziar Laka. “La vida secreta de las palabras”. [Video. In Spanish.]

Jeffrey Elman. “Understanding Language”. [Video, 58:57]

Language Processing in the Brain. PET study [Video, 6:26]

Patricia Kuhl. “The Linguistics Genius of Babies”. [TED Talk]

Noam Chomsky: “The biolinguistic turn” (2008) [Video]

Steven Pinker. “How the mind works”. [Video]

Steven Pinker. “Human Nature and The Blank Slate”. [TED Talk]

Steven Pinker. “The Stuff of Thought” [Video, 1:15]

Steven Pinker. "Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain". [Video, 50 min.]

Steven Pinker. TED talk on Language and thought. (17:27 min), subtitled in Spanish

Noam Chomsky. “Biolinguistics and the Human Capacity”. (This is a paper)